Packaging FA
  • FLEX Modular System
  • Excellent expandability
  • Open and Shut magazine unit design
  • Label Placement Calibration
  • YUMAN method: Accurate label film absorption

With its flexible modular system, FLEX IML machine able to be constructed around different mold types, equip additional modules for added assembly & inspection functionality. FLEX IML also greatly reduces costs and saves time when remodelling units to produce new products

FLEX In Mold Labeling


FLEX In Mold Labeling

6 Combination of FLEX module

6 Combination of FLEX module

FLEX Modular System

FLEX Modular System
  • Simplified process for cycle time reduction
  • Insert & take-out reduced to 1.52 sec (8 cavity cup)
  • Improved container rigidity
  • No need for separate glue process
          (Suitable for food container)

Y PACK IML provides economical yet highly productive solution for any in mold labeling needs. With its very fast pick up time and simplified process, Y PACK IML greatly reduces cycle time provides optimal productivity.

FLEX In Mold Labeling
FLEX In Mold Labeling

Factory Automation

Custom built for major car manufacturer, YUDO Factory Automation has provided multiple systems for Car part manufacturing from Assembly to Automated Inspections.

Grab Handle System

Grab Handle System
  • Cycle Time: 6 secs
  • Full automation from assembly to quality
  • 5 different models with different parts
  • Automatic Inspection (color, height, missing parts)
  • Space saving

Scoring System - In-Panel PAB

Scoring System
  • Cycle Time 45-60 sec
  • Decreased process deviation (+- 0.05mm)
  • Quality Improvement
          (process compensation program)
  • Remote control via Ethernet

Lamp Gate Cutting & Annealing System

Scoring System
  • Cycle Time: 60-90 sec
  • Quality Improvement
          (No dust/pollution environment)
  • Quality consistency
          (uniform annealing temperature of 130C)
  • Automatic quality inspection (weight)
  • Double capacity from single space

Bumper Deburring System

Bumper Deburring System
  • Cycle Time: 59 sec (Up from 72 Sec)
  • 18% increase in efficiency
  • No chuck & jig change during model change
          (Universal EOAT)
  • Quality improvement (Ultrasonic cutter
          system & plasma flame)
  • Automatic quality inspection (vision inspection)

Carrier Nut Insert System

Carrier Nut Insert System
  • Cycle Time: 90 secs (up from 140 secs)
  • 35% increase in efficiency
  • Quality improvement (Increased accuracy)
  • Automatic quality inspection (weight, vision)
  • Space Saving